iNetMassMail Pro 1.0.4

No Image Massmail ( Pro 1.0.4 is high-performance professional mass mail product targeted on bulk email marketing campaigns at your desktop. And i-Net Mass mail ( Pro is able to customize HTML messages and newsletters in incredibly few minutes. With excellent designs for improves mass mail product. iNet Mass mail ( Pro provides organizations and individuals with a flexible, cost-effective and

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Mass Mailer 3.0

Mass Mailer - CRM For E-Bussiness is a powerful Customer Relationship Management program capable of sending customized e-mails to desired customers fast and easily. With Mass Mailer Customer Relationship Managers, Companies selling things online or even Individual people dealing with thousands of emails everyday will have a chance to find more time for coffee breaks while Mass Mailer doing all the required job. Differently from the early r

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Lung Mass Evaluation 1: Lung Mass Evaluation Medical Note Template
Lung Mass Evaluation 1

mass provokes great fear, because this discovery may be the first sign of lung cancer or other cancer. Because of the risk of cancer, a thorough and timely evaluation of a lung mass is imperative. Not all lung masses are due to cancer. Lung masses can develop as a result of infection, primarily tuberculous and fungal infections. Other disease processes associated with lung masses include rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, silicosis, and arteriovenous

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Mass Mail Tools Exprt Edition 3.18

Mass Mail Tools is a powerful bulk emailing program and it is fast, safe and easy to use. Mass Mail Tools contains a fully functional, Powerful built-in message editor. It supports both text and HTML formats as well as attachments. Also Mass Mail Tools included E-mail creator and web email extractor (more than 850 search engines in 30 country`s). Mass Mail Tools offers you an easy way to manage you mass mailings.

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Mass Mailer 2.32: The awards winning mass mailer
Mass Mailer 2.32

Mass Mailer offers you a really easy way to organize the process of bulk e-mailing. Using this mass mailing program, you can send email messages to thousands or even millions of recipients. Only your RAM limits the total number. It is as easy as ABC to create a new email message and send it to 10,000 mailing list members in less than one hour with this mass email software. Our Mass Mailer saves your time and money! Our Mass Mailer is probably one

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Bebo Friend Adder elite 3.0.0: Mass Bebo Friend Adder Requests Mass Bebo Friend Messages Mass Bebo Comments
Bebo Friend Adder elite 3.0.0

Automation software for Bebo social network (and others) add friends, send mass auto messages, mass auto comments, gather ids, more...Over 40 Million Members Mass Bebo Friend Requests Mass Bebo Friend Messages Mass Bebo Comments Free Updates For Life

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Bulk SMS Utility PC to mobile SMS sending application broadcast unlimited text messages worldwide
Bulk SMS Utility

mass SMS messaging utility helps you to enter phone numbers either manually or import from a text file or from mobile phonebook to send unlimited massive messages to number of people simultaneously. Features: * PC to mobile bulk messaging tool helps user to send massive SMS to individual or multiple groups of people simultaneously. * Mass messaging software maintains records of message history like sending date, time and contact detail for future

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